Intuitive and easy-to-use room control

Operation, display and system control made easy thanks to standardization and configurable software

The Cyviz Easy Controller

Users can easily manage all room capabilities with the Cyviz Easy Controller software on the Touch Controller unit. In addition to using a touch panel, all Cyviz solutions can be controlled from portable devices, like tablets and laptops, providing full flexibility for participants to interact and manage content. 

Dynamic content sharing

Add any number of content sources to your display, resize them with a simple pinch-to-zoom and share with remote participants.

Multipurpose rooms configuration

With presets and predefined workflows, configure your space for recurring weekly meetings, crisis scenarios and board meeting, at the click of a button.

Collaborate with team members

With personal calendar and contacts integrations, find the meeting room or person you want to call, and connect directly at the click of a button.

Central to all Cyviz solutions

All Cyviz solutions are controlled through the Cyviz Easy Controller software, which is designed for different types of collaboration environments. Regardless of any updates and improvements to the underlying system, the user experience remains consistent and predictable.

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Features highlights

With a curated set of options and intuitive technology, the Cyviz Easy Controller software interface is one of the most user-friendly solutions in the market. Regardless of which Cyviz room you are using, the experience will be the same.


Cyviz Easy WebClient

Cyviz Easy WebClient is a web application which can be used from HTML5 capable browsers. Using the Easy WebClient, the user can control a Cyviz solution from a browser running on a portable computer or a mobile device. The Easy WebClient is optimized to be used from touch enabled devices like a tablet.


Communication proxy

The Cyviz Easy Communication Proxy is an extension to the Cyviz Easy Server and act like a centralized service, which allows secure communication between the Cyviz Easy Server, Cyviz Easy Controller, Cyviz Easy WindowsClient, Cyviz Easy WebClient and Cyviz Easy Connect.